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The NFT world is in the Free Mint frenzy these days. The successful progress of the recently released illgocis NFT Project and the reliance on Free Mint NFTs is one of the reasons behind this hype. Because the probability of a free mint project to Rug Pull is very low. Projects that succeed in providing holders with certain utilities other than Free Mint, on the other hand, manage to be permanent in the NFT world.

What is Dobies NFT?

Dobies NFT is one of the fastest and most hype projects ever seen. With just one tweet, he managed to gain more than 35,000 Twitter followers in one day. And they have 131k followers by 24 April. Dobies NFT, which is released as Free Mint, seems to make a lot of noise in the NFT world in the future. “No roadmap, No promises, Just vibes.” The slogan is written in the Twitter description and it draws attention. There is no doubt that the project, which Isaac Degen (@DegenIsaac) is doxxed founder of Dobies, will do very well.

When we look at the accounts followed by Dobies NFT, we encounter a very different picture. The account that follows projects such as Doodles, Cool Cats, Alien Friens, Phantom Network, Small Bros, and Yogies also follows the official account of the President of the United States. Founder Isaac Degen’s account, on the other hand, follows the biggest NFT influencers such as @NFTLlama @AmeerHussainn @KosherPlug @ryandcrypto.

As we can see from all these analyses, it is impossible not to get excited about Dobies NFT, which is truly grounded and will perhaps be one of the most hype projects with free mint in the NFT world. As we discover more and more of this mysterious world, we will continue to share the details with you. Their Discord is private for now! You should check their Twitter page in order to get into their Discord!

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