What is smol Monsters NFT Project? All About smol Monsters

smol Monsters NFT is one of the most hyped NFT projects at the moment. You may ask yourself “why?”. The hype is mainly based around the truly fascinating art and details of each NFT. Every smol Monster has its own set of characteristics, ensuring that each holder gets a one-of-a-kind Fren for life.

To ensure the uniqueness, over 1000 layers are 3D rendered by the artist, Makery, in order to match the lighting and complement the concept.

What is smol Monsters NFT Project? All About smol Monsters

In light of the preceding idea, less is more: every smol Monster will be unique without any extraneous characteristics!

What exactly are Smol Monsters?

Smol Monsters are 3D rendered with over 1.6 million hair particles for the extra added fluffiness that you can almost feel by looking at it.

The more than 1000 rendered layers and over 70 traits ensure that each smol is unique.

Contests, prizes, collaborations, raffles, and special 1:1 NFTs are all part of this dynamic community collection. And so is giving the community a say with where the project is headed. Take a read through the roadmap below for more information about what is to come.

What exactly are Smol Monsters

On Sunday, April 3rd, the Monsterlist mint of these incredibly adorable smol Monsters will begin! Hidden within the main collection are also the 14 so-called “legendary smols”. Not only are these legendary smols super rare, they also come with a cash reward for the lucky revealer. Take a look at their discord to find out more about them. As they are randomly assigned, every minter will have a fair chance to mint a legendary smol.

smol Monsters Mint Details

  • Whitelist Mint Date: 3rd of April
    • Public Mint Date: 4th of April
  • Total Supply: 7337
  • Mint Price: 0,07

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smol Monsters Roadmap

You can read the detailed roadmap below.

What is smol Monsters NFT Project? All About smol Monsters

1- Genesis Launch

Once upon a time, in a land unknown, 7037 smol Monsters lived an unseemingly happy life in a place called Smolville. It’s a magical place, with candy wide and far, chocolate rivers and daily smores eating competitions. A place, untouched by human kind.

One day, upon exploring the land outside of Smolville, smol explorers discovered a cave. Attracted by its unique aura, the explorer smols ventured inside.

Deep inside the cave, hidden from plain sight they stumbled upon a new species of smol Monsters. Their appearance was the same, yet; somehow, they were different. As the explorers examined this new discovery, they learned that this was not a new species, but their ancestors, the genesis of smol Monsters.

Upon sharing cupcakes with the genesis smols, the explorers invited all 300 genesis back to see their magical home and meet their long-lost family.

And so together they made their way back to Smolville.

And here is where the story begins…..

2- Public Sale

Upon arrival in Smolville, all other smols welcomed the genesis Monsters with open arms and a heart full of joy for their new family members.

Everyone wanted to get to know the genesis smols and learn all about their life and journey. Hence, the decision was made to have a big welcome celebration in honor of the new smols.

One thing you should know about the smol Monsters is that they love to host games, contests and smol Parties – also called smarties.

Needless to say, the next days were a celebration, consisting of lore contests, hide and seek, ding dong ditch and art contests.

And in the evenings, all Monsters would meet for campfire Monster stories. Can you think of a smol Monster story?

3- Sale Milestone

The pure joy of having found the genesis smol Monsters, triggered the thought about what else there may be outside Smolville. Could it be that there are more smol Monsters? Could it be that there are other planets and species?

The decision was made that every day, the smol Monsters would send out a group of smols to explore the widely unknown areas surrounding Smolville.

After a few days of travel, the group of smol Monsters explorers came across a land as new and beautiful as you can imagine. There were these big wooden blocks, a little train and so many toys. Looking around, the explorers suddenly heard a noise.

Shyly lurking behind one of the wooden blocks was a uniquely looking smol Monster. At first scared, it started to run away but tripped over one of the train tracks.

Slowly the explorer smol Monsters approached the little 1/1 Monster and helped it get up. As a sign of goodwill, one of the explorers gave a cupcake to the scared smols and suddenly all fear was gone. Trusting the explorer smols, the 1/1 Monster introduced them to four more unique Monsters.

For the explorer smols, the joy was big to have found more friends and a seemingly new part of the Smoliverse.

4- Tokenomics

You may ask yourself, what do the smol Monsters exchange for all their candy, costumes and other necessities? Well, they have their very own token.

The smol Monsters earn their tokens in different ways. Some grow candy, others help by exploring the lands outside of Smolville. But really anything outstanding can earn them a token.

After a long but fun day at work, the smol Monsters like to meet and relax together while enjoying a cool glass of fresh chocolate milk and listening to their favorite music.

But on their days off, the smol Monsters like to visit a magical place called Carinval Row, which is hidden behind inside a mountain and surrounded by beautiful candy fields.

Do you wonder what Carnival Row is? Then follow me into the next chapter.

5- Carnival Pow

If you ever stumble across Smolville, make sure to stop at Carnival Row! Imagine a place as magical as a unicorn smols and as colorful as a butterfly.

Along candy lane, different game booths and candy stores line up left and right. And the path along Carnival Row leads to a big chocolate fountain.

The most playful smols, smario and smalo, love to play the crane game or darts. Other smols enjoy the ring toss and coin dozers. Mostly, the smols enjoy spending time with each other.

This is the place where smols spend a majority of their tokens, and I mean, who can blame them. Carnival Row sounds smolesome.

6- Merch and Plushies

Monsters can get everything, from costumes to keep them warm to candy to keep them happy.

But the most well kept secret is a very special shop. Hidden behind a large tree is a smol store that offers little smol Monster plushies. Sometimes, the plushies are even given away to the most loyal of smol Monsters.

Oh, and before I forget, if you ever come across Smolville, make sure to get yourself a smol Monster costume because costume parties are big among the smol Monsters.

They love to dress up like their idols, hoping that one day they will notice them and say Hi.

7- Animated Shorts

If you didn’t know it already, the smol Monsters are very creative and, oh well, clumsy too.

After a long day of playing ding dong ditch with smol Diablo a group of genesis smols had the idea of filming all their daily adventures.

Oh what fun they had recording their daily lives and let me tell you, these shorts are incredibly adorable and funny.

In the months to follow, the smols would meet to watch the short movies while eating magical popcorn sprinkled with butterfly dust and drinking hot chocolate.

Maybe the smols will build a movie theater soon?

8- smol Frens

Smolville is a place where dreams come true and friendship and family is valued the most. But the smol Monsters are not the only ones living in Smolville.

All smol Monsters are assigned a smol Fren when they begin their life journey.

Rumor has it that the Frens are the protectors of the smol Monsters.

If you take a stroll along the candylanes crossing over the chocolate rivers, it can be that you are greeted by a little snake or frog. Butterflies paint the sky in beautifully vibrant colors and smol ducks can be found floating on the rivers.

I wonder what other smol Frens are hiding in Smolville?! Maybe one day, a new smol Fren will visit you.

9- Metaverse

Every evening after a new adventure the explorer smols will report back to Smolville with their findings. The Smoliverse is much bigger than initially thought. So far, the smol explorers found the genesis cave, a children’s room, but what else lies behind the boundaries of Smolville?

The possibilities are endless, with all the added space, the smol Monsters can venture and expand into never before seen realms of the Smoliverse.

Let your imagination run wild and come and join the big World of smol Monsters and experience the most magical place in the Metaverse.

smol Monsters Team


Creator of smol Monstersand 3D Artist


Developer of smart contract


CPO, Brand and Ops Management


Community Manager, Discord


Technical Engineer
Image Generation & Metadata


  • Smol Monsters will exist on which blockchain?
    • On the Ethereum blockchain, the smol Monsters exist.
  • How many smol Monsters are there going to be?
    • There will be 7337 different smol Monsters in the collection. The Genesis collection consists of the first 300 coins. During the main sale, the remaining 7037 coins will be created. The unique collection is not included.
  • What are Genesis smol Monsters, and what do they do?
    • Only the first 300 smol Monsters created within the smol Monsters collection have the Genesis attribute. All 300 coins have been produced and are only available for purchase through secondary markets.
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