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How Much Data Does Spotify Use

When you think of music, there is no one that comes to mind with Spotify. As Spotify user you must have asked the question of How Much Data Does Spotify Use. Let me tell you what you don’t know about Spotify.

How Much Data Does Spotify Use
How Much Data Does Spotify Use

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How Much Data Does Spotify Use?

No matter how much Spotify seems to be synonymous with music, people also prefer Spotify to listen to podcasts. Users prefer Spotify to play music or podcasts in the background while cooking, driving, or walking in almost all their activities. So How Much Data Does Spotify Use, is it a mobile data enemy or can users easily prefer it? Let’s break the mystery of Spotify with minute data expenditures;

The amount of data you spend on Spotify varies according to the sound quality you choose. If you ask what these sound quality options are, we are talking about the settings that are divided into three as Normal, High and Extreme. Let’s move on to the technical details part;

  • If you listen to 3 minutes of music with the normal setting option, you will be wasting 2 MB of data.
  • If you choose the High setting, the amount of data you spend for 3 minutes of music increases to 3.5 MB.
  • If you say that is not enough for me, you use Extreme, the amount of data you spend for 3 minutes of music is measured as 7.5 MB.

If you want to reduce data usage, we have listed the steps you need to follow for you. You see no limit in service 🙂

Spotify Music Quality Settings

If you are a Spotify user and think that the application consumes a lot of internet, let us tell you how you can listen to music with less internet consumption. We save you this trouble easily with the following steps;

  • Enter Spotify.
  • Press the Settings tab.
  • Press the option that says Music Quality on the screen that opens.
  • Here you need to find where it says Flow.
  • You can reduce your data consumption by selecting one of the Normal, High and Extreme settings after clicking the Stream text.

We have already answered your question of which setting and how much internet space. It says data expenditure on a per-minute basis above. We have already mentioned the settings of Spotify, which consumes very little data compared to equivalent applications. We think we have answered your question of How Much Data Does Spotify Use. We hope it was useful. Have a great day with music, see you all again in other articles.

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