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CS GO Jump Throw Bind Console Command

With the CS GO Jump Throw Bind Console Command, you can perform more precise and easier operations while throwing smoke. In this way, you can jump and throw bombs at the same time. It remains for us as players to decide where to throw the bomb and aim.

What are CS GO Jump Throw Bind Console Command?

Throwing bombs in professional games in CS GO has always been a problem. With these codes, the smokes will reach the target more precisely and more easily. We list the CS GO Jump Throw Bind Console Command below

  • alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump;-attack”
  • alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump”
  • bind “ctrl” “+jumpthrow”

If you want to make your settings thinner and smoke very sensitively, you should also make the following settings.

The auto-set key of these codes is “Alt”. CS GO Jump Throw Bind Console Command fine tuning codes are just below.

  • alias -smoke_throw “cl_crosshairsize “3,000000”;;”;
  • alias +smoke_throw “cl_crosshairsize” 9999;”;
  • bind capslock +smoke_throw;


CS GO Jump Throw Bind Console Command

What is CS GO?

CS GO can be described as a multiplayer first-person shooter by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. CS GO, the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series, begins with two teams, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, facing each other in different target-based game modes. You can buy other weapons and equipment with the money you earn in each round in the game. In the game, items purchased with real money are for cosmetic purposes only. There is no infrastructure in which the giver would be better.

The most common game modes feature the Terrorists planting bombs as the Counter-Terrorist team tries to stop them, or the Counter-Terrorist teams attempting to rescue hostages captured by the Terrorists. The game has basically nine official game modes: Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Destruction, Wingman, Flying Scout, Replays, and Danger Zone. Competitive mode, the primary game experience, is played by two teams of five players facing each other in a match that will be won by anyone who reaches 16.

Yes, we have come to the end of our CS GO Jump Throw Bind Console Command article. I hope we were able to help you.

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