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Why Is PDF Format So Popular?

When you work a lot with text and image files on computers, you will know the importance of using PDF file format. This format for saving text and multimedia files is gaining popularity in almost every field, be it business, education, photography, and much more. People share private information in this file format because of the various advantages it offers.

For years, businesses have struggled to share, save and organize heavy data files. Today things have become much easier ever since the first pdf format was introduced.

Here are the top reasons why the PDF file format is becoming increasingly popular in the tech world.

1.    Secure Sharing Options

The biggest challenge for many businesses is sharing sensitive information on online platforms with foolproof security. Cybercriminals and competitors look for loopholes in security measures to take advantage of and misuse such information.

PDF files can be password protected. You also have the option of redaction in some PDF editors. This allows businesses to share private information without fearing data leakage.

2.    Easy Editing Of Saved Files

PDF files can be easily edited using online pdf editors. This easy editing option allows many businesses to improve the quality and efficiency of their work. You can easily edit a pre-saved PDF file, whether it is a text file or an image file.

The ORC tool in many PDF editors allows users to edit the text on images as well. You can easily learn how to convert different formats into PDFs with SODAPDF. This is a very easy learning process and does not require any specialization.

3.    Easy Sharing Of Large Files

Another biggest issue for many businesses is that they struggle to share files online when the file is very heavy. The only secure way of sharing files is through email, which allows end-to-end encryption. Many file-sharing applications are not very secure and may pose a threat of data leakage.

PDF file format is much easier to share. You can convert multiple pages or images into one PDF file and then compress the whole file. This reduces the size of the file and makes it much easier to share via email.

4.    Compatibility With All Devices

PDF file format can be opened on any device. Some file formats are not supported by certain operating systems. This makes it difficult for businesses to deal with clients.

PDF files can be opened on any operating system. Whether you are using iOS, Android, iPadiOS, Linux, windows, or any other operating system, you can easily open a PDF file. All you need is a PDF reader that is often pre-installed on most devices.

5.    Same Format Appearance On All Devices

PDF files look the same on different devices. Unlike other file formats that might change the file according to the specificities of the device. For example, HTML and such file formats will adopt the settings of the smartphone, iPad, or laptop. Sometimes some data may be missing in some devices.

PDF files look the same on every device, which allows businesses to share the same information with all the concerned parties.

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