LeoStudio Professional Futures Trading Solution

LeoStudio has a sharing mechanism, through the past few years, the only thing that goes through the bull and bear markets is contract trading. Primary and secondary markets are different. NFTs is a primary market and may turn into JPG at any time. Secondary markets are central exchanges like Binance which is relatively stable.

Here are some key functions of LeoStudio

There are 5 utilities in total (automatic trading bot, staking pool, trading index, taking orders, technical analysis courses). We are also running a LeoStudio NFT free mint for members to enter advanced functions.

Trading Bot

  • Binance can be used through API key. More CEX will be supported in the future.
  • You’ll need 1 LeoStudio NFT and 1 RMM NFT to entry for free.
  • With 1 LeoStudio NFT can use it for an annual fee of 1600 USD.
  • Those who do not have NFT can also use it for an annual fee of 2000 USD.

LeoStudio Staking Pool

  • You can invest 1000U into our staking pool per RMM NFT.
  • 1 NFT at APY 36%, 3 NFT at APY 60%, 6 NFT at APY 96%, 10 NFT at APY 120%
  • The profit will be transfer to you every 3 months.

Trading Index

  • There will be long and short signal display on TradingView.
  • It will be shown on all financial markets, not just cryptocurrency.

Long/Short Orders Entry Information

  • There are professional traders and analysts in LeoStudio who will call the PT.
  • Will be divided into current price order, pre-order, TP and SL.

Technical Analysis Courses

  • Courses are depend on whether you hold a LeoStudio NFT or not.
  • The courses content includes basic technical analysis skills such as why open the contract at this point with what indicators. How to use TradingView and so on.
  • Basic courses for free and advanced courses for NFT holders only.

Leo Studio – TradingView Long Short Signal and Perpetual Swap

  • Special NFT freemint Supply:2222

Leo Studio is composed of a professional contract team, providing the most comprehensive spot contract services for the large market, as well as Leo USDT stable currency high-intensity pledge APR120% income, USDT current pledge APR20%, contract order service, technical analysis courses, Leo Auto Contract Robot

Mainly focus on large market spot contracts, full trading indicators on TradingView, LEO contract trading robots, and LEO stablecoin Defi pledge pool

For months, we’ve been building our community and improving our utilities and services. We are doing Leo NFT because we think NFT is a membership card, not a tool for people to use as arbitrage. Our funding comes entirely from our founders, and joining the Leo community can also enjoy all services for free. We just want to provide our community with free educational courses to teach the right things about the crypto world, you can join our DC and see everything we have built and what we can offer you.

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