Hottest learn and earn NFT project: Bakpak

Education in web2 is broken. It’s ineffective and extractive –– and it isn’t serving those it should (learners & educators). At Bakpak we’re on a mission to build a gamified platform where:

  • 🎒you can teach & learn ~ any topic 
  • 🎒and earn web3 rewards (like nft’s and crypto) 
  • 🎒in a gamified environment that incentivizes you towards self-improvement

You can think of us as the duolingo, masterclass, skillshare, or udemy of the future.

$10 mil+ in VC funding backed by Solana Ventures, YCombinator, Forerunner Ventures, Pear VC and more.

The team behind bakpak isn’t new to learning, we’re a tight-knit crew of builders and educators from Google. Stanford, Harvard school of education and Airbnb (to name a few) + lead by Vivan Shen ( For years, we’ve taught coding, math, science and more to kids via web 2 @

Bakpak Information

Become a Bakpaker

As a Bakpaker, you complete learning quests to earn XP (and eventually other rewards…) along your journey in the Bakpak webapp. Over time, you level up your character and in-platform items to build out your unique personality and access even more rewards. 

Quests are developed by the Bakpak team and our community of creators. Topics can range from Solidity Introduction to The Power of DAOs – any Web3 skill you’re looking to develop, we want you to learn it with Bakpak. 

We know finding your pack is critical. The Discord community facilitates moments of connection between people all over the world, and updates on new features, contests and events.

Sneak Peak

Hottest learn and earn NFT project: Bakpak
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