What is Imaginary Ones NFT

Imaginary Ones is a wonderful 3D painting with an initial drop of 8888 unique NFTs on the Ethereum network. The initiative thinks that art may be used to convey love, optimism, and creativity. Imaginary Ones NFT has very huge potantial. 1 week after the launch of Discord, it reached more than 240k followers

Cmttat is a well-known Singaporean artist. Imaginary Ones’ staff has over a decade of expertise working with children. Nike, Apple, Samsung, Heineken, Spotify, L’Oreal, and others are among their clientele. In the begining phase of NFT world, Imaginary Ones will definately become one of the main NFT communities.

Information About Imaginary Ones NFT

Unlike other types of artwork NFTs, Imaginary Ones are GIF pictures of figures with balloons in place of their bodies. Every figure wears shoes and moves his left hand, which is usually clutching an umbrella or a walking stick.

The Imaginary Ones figures capture the audience’s attention because they are incredibly adorable and not horrifying; their bodies are translucent and covered with little balloons.

All of the Imaginary Ones characters are incredibly fashionable, with various qualities such as holding a music layer, wearing a headset, sunglasses, hats, and so on, presenting a few popular cartoon characters.

Imaginary Values

  1. Good Vibes Only
    • Be someone you love to hang out with.
  2. Dream Together
    • “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” John Lennon.
  3. Smiling as a Child
    • The most contagious grin is a genuine one.
What is Imaginary Ones NFT

Imaginary Team



  • Co-founder of Imaginary Ones,
  • Creator

Gentle Whale


  • Co-founder of Imaginary Ones,
  • Strategist

Nine Foot Table


  • Managing Partner
  • Imaginary Ones, OFFSET & OFFEO
  • Artist & Head of Partnerships



  • Operations Director
  • Imaginary Ones, OFFSET & OFFEO
  • Head of Community

Mighty Mouse


  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Imaginary Ones, OFFSET & OFFEO
  • Technology/Contracts
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