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What Does Spotify Blend Mean?

Spotify Blend playlists combine your latest listening trends with a friend’s favorite tracks. So, What Does Spotify Blend Mean? Spotify Blend is a new feature of Spotify that allows two users to create a shared playlist that combines their latest music tastes and changes daily.

Spotify Blend playlist is accessible on both accounts, and Spotify’s customization algorithm changes the song collection daily based on what each listener is streaming.

While it’s fun to create a playlist song by song with someone, having an automatically changing playlist saves you a lot of effort.

When you and a friend create a Spotify BLEND playlist, you’ll be given a blend score that lets you know how similar your music tastes are, and a few nifty visuals similar to Spotify’s Wrapped playlist reviewed throughout the year. We strongly recommend that you share it on social media. Lets give answer of What Does Spotify Blend Mean question.

What Does Spotify Blend Mean?

These custom playlist options in Spotify move from time to time and can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. It’s simple to create a Spotify Music Taste Harmony playlist after a few steps down though.

The Blend playlist feature is not prominent in the Spotify app, but you can find it by following these instructions.

What Does Spotify Blend Mean

How to Create a Spotify Blend List?

  • Open the Spotify app on your mobile device (this feature is currently not available on desktop) and tap the “Search” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Find and tap the “Made for you” button. The location of this option may change from time to time depending on what Spotify is promoting, but you can usually find it near the top of the “Browse all” heading.
  • Tap the “Shuffle” album art to open an empty playlist. This option is currently in the foreground under the “Made for You” heading, but you may have to scroll down to find it later.
  • Spotify prompts you to invite another user to the playlist. There is no messaging framework in the Spotify app, so when you tap “Invite”, you can send the invitation via a text message, via Facebook Messenger, an email, etc. You will be asked to send
  • Your friend needs to click on the link in this message, which will open the Spotify app and ask if they want to join your Blend playlist.
  • Once they tap Join, the rest is automatic – a 50-song playlist will be created immediately, containing a mix of both users’ recently released songs.

When you create a Spotify Music Taste Harmony playlist with a friend, it will appear along with any other playlists you have saved in your library. You can also view all of your Spotify Music Taste Match playlists by going to the “Made for you” section by following the steps above.

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