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Roblox Kaizen Clan Tier List (Table)

For the Kaizen game in the Roblox game, many players are researching “Kaizen Clan Tier List”. If you are also curious about this subject, you have come to the right place. Because it will explain to you which of the 18 clans in the game is the best, and you will shape your game accordingly.

Your clan selection in the game will bring you different advantages. For this, you can see which clan is the best among the clans we have divided into layers in our article and you can make your clan selection accordingly. So let’s see how well which clan is.

Kaizen Clan Tier List

When you search “Kaizen Clan Tier List”, many websites may offer different data. You can shape yourself in that direction by comparing these data. You can easily find the content you are looking for by browsing the table below.

S TIERNanami‘Overtime Anger’ Ability +100 HP
+250 Stamina
+30% Curse

Weapon Damage.
A TIERKamo‘Red Scale’ Ability
+20% Damage
+40% Speed
A TIERKugisaki+150 Stamina
+200 Cursed Energy 
A TIERZenin‘Wrath’ Ability 25% Resistance to Damage 
B TIERMiwa+15% Damage with Weapons
+10% Extra Speed
C TIERHoshi+8% More Damage with Curses
+200 Extra Curse Energy
C TIERIno+20% Durability for 1.5 Seconds After Using a Curse
D TIERSonoda
D TIERSotomura 
D TIERYoshino
D TIERTakashi
D TIERSasaki
D TIERAkiyam
D TIERRayburn
D TIEREldritch
Kaizen Clan Tier List

When you examine the table above, you should be more or less convinced which clan is better. If you are still in doubt, you should examine it in more detail. You must make the right choice for the 3 rarities awarded to each clan. It would also be better for you if you know how to join the clan.

What is The Best Clan?

If you are wondering how to join the clan while researching the “Kaizen Clan Tier List”, you can follow the steps below.

  • First of all, you need to find the NPC with the clans text on its head.
  • You must then use clan spins to join a clan.
  • Then you can join the clan you are looking for.

If you follow the steps above, it will enable you to apply the clans included in your “Kaizen Clan Tier List” research. Well, if we come to the question of which clan is the best, we should say that it is Nanami. Thanks to the additional abilities it gives you, you can be among the most successful players.

  • Overtime Anger’ Ability +100 HP
  • +250 Stamina
  • +30% Curse
  • Melee
  • Weapon Damage

All you have to do to get the above features is to become a member of the Nanami clan. Thus, you can become an S Tier member player and develop yourself professionally.

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