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How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox? (Step by Step)

One of the topics that Roblox players often wonder about is “How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox”. If you are wondering the answer to this question, you have come to the right place. Because with the steps in the rest of our article, you can see how these processes are done step by step.

Getting Kid Nezha is pretty simple. For this, you need to play Luobu Mystery Box Hunt. If you fulfill the tasks in it, you can have Kid Nezha forever. So, let’s see how you can do these tasks together with you.

How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox

How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox?

If you want to get Kid Nezha avatar pack, you must follow the steps below. Then you can have Kid Nezha.

  • First you have to open the game Luobu Mystery Box Hunt.
  • Then make progress in the game until you see the Kid Nezha statue.
  • A message will appear when you see the statue. Then you can have the Kid Nezha avatar pack forever.

If you follow the steps above, you can have Kid Nezha. And If you have asked the question How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox, you may also want to know the items included in this package. So, what items will you have, let’s see together.

Roblox Kid Nezha

After successfully completing Kid Nezha‘s quest, you should have Kid Nezha items. So what’s in these items? You can find out by looking at the list below.

  • Kid Nezha – Hair
  • Kid Nezha – Head
  • Kid Nezha – Collar
  • Kid Nezha – Torso
  • Kid Nezha – Pouch
  • Kid Nezha – Right/Left Arm
  • Kid Nezha – Right/Left Leg

In order to have the above items, you must know the answer to the question “How to Get Kid Nezha in Roblox”. In line with the information in our article, you can access these items quite easily.

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