Best Twitter NFT Giveaway Accounts in 2022

In this article, we list the Best Twitter NFT Giveaway Accounts in 2022 for you. For those new to the world of NFT, the following pages will be very helpful. You can find the highest potential projects and their sweepstakes via the Twitter and Discord pages below. Although the chances of winning the lottery are low, you can find out which project will be more valuable in the future by following the NFT pages below.

Best Twitter NFT Giveaway Accounts in 2022

1- Coininiz

Twitter Link: @CoininizCom

Coininiz is Alpha Group that makes crypto, WL and NFT giveaways from very elite projects. We ranked as first in Best Twitter NFT Giveaway Accounts in 2022 list because of that. You should join them for Alpha Calls, Whitelist Giveaway, Coininiz Tools, and Crypto Giveaway!

Discord Channel

2- Hameer’s Hideout

Best Twitter NFT Giveaway Accounts in 2022

Twitter Link: @HameerHideout

Hameer’s Hideout is a very reliable giveaway page. Hameer Hussain, the owner of the page where giveaways are made from the projects with the highest potential, is one of the most known influencers in the NFT world. Alpha Server |

3- The Asian Mint

Twitter Link: @asian_mint

The Asian Mint aims to be the most trusted resource for all NFT collectors. Enjoy the latest NFT news, previews, giveaways, and live shows.

4- ryandcrypto

Twitter Link: @ryandcrypto

Anime nerd. My tweets are opinion, not financial advice. I like to joke around xD Join Private.


Twitter Link: @eth_apple

Alpha Group Discord:

6- Ape List

Twitter Link: @TheApeList_

A private alpha community for BAYC, CryptoPunks, MAYC, BAKC, and Meebits holders.

7- BentoBoi

Twitter Link: @BentoBoiNFT

BentBoi is one of the Best Twitter NFT Giveaway Accounts. Jpeg Collector and Crypto Enthusiast | Not an influencer just a degenerate

8- Sibel

Twitter Link: @sibeleth

Don’t send me free NFTs

9- Ameer Alpha

Twitter Link: @AmeerAlphaa

Official Dark Echelon giveaway account! Owned by @darkechelonn

10- Crypto Gorilla

Twitter Link: @CryptoGorillaYT

Web3 Agency @Web3WizardsLabs

11- Maison Ghost

Twitter Link: @MaisonGhost

DJ & NFT Collector and I love dogs. Core team @ProjectYinYang

12- Kosher Plug

Twitter Link: @KosherPlug

Web 3 Degen | Owner @ThePlugPass, Founder @WGMImedia

13- The Early NFT

Twitter Link: @TheEarlyNFT

The Early NFT ALPHA Group. +10K Alpha Members. Follow early, catch early.

14- illisted

Twitter Link: @illisted_

The most sophisticated and scalable marketplace in Web3 is on its way… Powered by illogics.

Best Twitter NFT Giveaway Accounts article is ends here. I hope it was beneficial for you!

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