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Roblox Escape the Darkness Codes (April 2024)

If you’re a Roblox player looking for these codes, look up Roblox Escape the Darkness Codes. This article is solely for you. These Escape the Darkness Codes will provide you a lot of advantages in the game. As a result, make sure to utilize the codes we’ve provided.

Roblox Escape the Darkness Codes

Obtain the parts by utilizing the codes that we will send to purchase what you require in the store. You can also make more money.

Get Out of the Darkness Channels of Social Media

  • Discord: Bitware Games
  • Twitter: BitwareRBLX
  • Roblox : BitwareRBLX
  • You can mention any code in the comments area if you want it included in the list.

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What are the Roblox Escape the Darkness Codes and How Do I Use Them?

These codes are really simple to use. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Begin the game
  • Then, on the left menu, click the dollar symbol to start a new window.
  • Enter the codes and then click the “Redeem Code” button.

What is the best way to play Escape the Darkness?

There will always be flaws in the Roblox Game by Bitware Games because it is an early edition. Can you stave against the darkness and survive? Escape The Darkness is a 1v7 horror game in which a terrible killer must replenish the survivors’ power and prevent them from fleeing the world!


  • Survive in the real world and get XP!
  • Level up and unlock new classes!
  • Create unique constructions by rolling for perks!
  • Play as a range of different killers, each with their own specific abilities!
  • Discover the wisdom hidden in the shadows!


  • Left Ctrl – Crouch (B on Gamepad)
  • Attack with the left mouse (R2 on controller)
  • Our Roblox Escape the Darkness Codes post has come to a conclusion. I hope you found it beneficial.
Roblox Escape the Darkness Codes

Roblox Escape the Darkness Codes (Valid and Active Codes)

All of these codes are correct.

  • TeraBrite – Use this coupon to get 250 free pieces from TeraBrite.
  • Deeter – Use this code to receive 250 free parts.
  • Russo – Use this code to receive 250 free pieces.
  • 10000LIKES – Use this code to receive 150 free pieces. (Expires Sep 10) (New)
  • 5000-LIKES – Get 150 free Shards by using this coupon (limited to 1000 uses)

We’ll add new codes to the list every time a milestone is met, generally a few likes, and we’ll add them to the list to keep it up to date, so don’t stop visiting us.

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