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Roblox item ID (Gear)

Do you need the most recent Roblox item IDs for all the items in Roblox, including the gun, sword, boombox, ban hammer, rocket launcher, and so forth? You can find them all on this page, which is more convenient. You are allowed to bring a range of weapons and means of transportation. Let’s have a look at the top entries from each category on this page. So let’s get started without further ado.

Roblox item ID 2022

Items are things from the avatar store that mimic tools in Roblox. They are also referred to as gears. They can be utilized in games that support the characteristics and genre of the item, such as a gravity coil in Speed Run 4, or they can be worn on a player’s avatar’s profile. A few examples of the many different kinds of items that are offered are musical instruments, swords, and lasers.

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How to Use Roblox item ID

To use Roblox item codes:

  1. You can write Roblox item ID Codes to the [write here] part in the link “https://www.roblox.com/catalog/write-here
  2. After that, paste the link into the URL Bar in your browser.
  3. Press Enter and that’s it. Take your time with your Roblox item ID Codes.
Roblox item ID

Roblox item ID (Guns)

You can find the Roblox item ID Gun section in the table below. All Roblox item ID is cool and useful.

ABS GUN 852552995
Bamboo Dart Blowgun 51346271
BB Gun 42845609
Bear Mine Gun 90718350
Black Tie Affair Gun 192456288
Blue Bloxxers Paintball Gun 26017478
Breakfast Gun 163353363
Deep Space Raygun 563287969
Deluxe Coil Gun 503957396
Disintergrex Blast Gun 18268645
Double Fire Laser Gun 183355892
Galactic Laser Gun 168143042
Gravity Gun 34901961
Green Gremlins Paintball Gun 27245855
GUN 840362298
Gunslinger 32357766
Historic ‘Timmy’ Gun 116693764
Hyperlaser Gun 130113146
Laser Gun of Tomorrow 336370943
Magnificent Magenta Paintball Gun 30649735
Nuclear Winter Icicle Gun 22971409
Party Blaster Paint Gun 456221232
Pink Guns 681419733
Red Hyperlaser Gun 212296936
Red Rebels Paintball Gun 26014536
Retro Super Villain Laser Gun 268533563
Robot Dance Gun 467138029
Steamgun 157205837
Steampunk Steam Gun 356212933
Suit Up Gun 91360052
Transmorph Ray Gun 29099749
Trench Warfare Shotgun 94233344
Z Ray Gun 65082275
Zebra Laser Gun 176087466
Roblox item ID

Roblox item ID (Sword)

Roblox item ID Sword section is just prepared for you. Feel free to use these codes!

8-Bit Immortal Sword The Pixel Maker 2041982658
Custom Sword 327579790
Sword of Heartsongs 1402322831
Sandwich Swordpack 602144081
Otterhead Shortsword 21439778
LightAge Pirate Swordpack 319655422
Champion Egg Beater Sword 383609201
Starlight 1981813154
Carrot Swordpack 1536056643
Plunger Swordpack 417456986
Korblox Sword and Shield 68539623
Knights of the Splintered Skies Sword 156467926
Mardi Gras Sword 147937443
Orinthian Sword and Shield 92628079
Sword of Glowing Hope 431038614
Sword of Swords 139578136
Eternal Abyss 532254782
Gold Eagle Sword 264990158
Swordfish Sword 1241156683
Dragon’s Flame Sword 168140949
Anime Sword of Destiny 745790335
Paper Sword 57229357
Magic Rainbow Swordpack Crown 380201789
Linked Sword 125013769
Immortal Sword The Piece Maker 416828455
Beach Battle Sword 112591894
Summer Sun 54694329
All Hallow’s Sword 181356054
Bone Immortal Sword 1100939881
Homemade Sword and Shield 244082303
Rolling Pin Swordpack 1016164480
Epicblueness 365674685
Towering Inferno Sword 83704169
Knights of Redcliff Sword and Shield 49929767
Bat Knight Bat Sword 17680660
Interplanetary Light Sword 1033136271
Spec Zeta Biograft Energy Sword 66416579
Sword Punch 147143881
Laser Sword and Shield 1241586595
Sharp Shark Sword 212500257
Swordbreaker 77443436
Fierce Roman Swordpack 1492182830
Noob Attack Golden Sword Gladiator 833771102
Red Energy Sword 68233678
Omega Biograft Energy Sword Spec 98411325
Intergalactic Sword 170903610
Dragon Slayers Sword and Shield 73232803
Double Sword Punch 243791329
Spring Sword of Growth 48159731
Overseer Sword & Shield 223439643
Motherboard Sword 1046323916
Endless Ice Slasher Immortal Sword 568920951
EKoSS Sword and Shield 178076749
Black and White Sword 191261930
Spartan Sword 20721924
Classic Swordpack Throwback 106690045
The Sword of Shai 174752186
Wooden Sword 12145515
Military Dress Sword 88885481
Epic Golden Sword and Shield 416846710
Christmas Tree Sword 189756588
Shadow Sword 103359953
Spectral Sword of Illusions 68848741
Mythic West Wind 241017426
The Pharaohs Guard Sword 317593302
Pizza Sword 602146440
Riddling Skull Sword 37821996
Dark Age Ninja Swordpack 62673504
Sword of Unvanquished Snakes 149612243
Fire and Ice Swordpack 833771729
Fallen Artemis Sword & Shield 243778818
Glorious Sword 1760406591
Immortal Sword Future Falchion 1678356850
Midnight Sword 160198658
Deluxe Ninja Swordpack 67996263
Winter Winds 42847923
Dynamically Lit Sword 160198363
Highlander 12187319
Epicredness 409745306
Tiger’s Wrath Sword 176087505
Roman Sword and Shield 1492226137
Mythic Tides 241017568
Sorcus’ Sword of Judgement 53623322
Bluesteel Swordpack 286519153
8 - Bit Sword 361950297
Seven Winters 93136666
Guitar Sword 60357982
Golden Sword of Spring Growth 226205948
Checkerboard Sword 46132907
Spec Gamma Biograft Energy Sword 21416138
Frozen Swordpack 190204972
Overseer - Warlord’s Sword 483308034
Winters Greatsword 261439002
Dragon’s Blaze Sword 105351545
Saw Sword 54694324
Omega Rainbow Sword 287426148
Seas 155661985
Inflatable Sword 1560608167
Autumnal Winds 40493542
Immortal Sword American Splendor 891980433
Sword Fish 54130543
Recycled Cardboard Swordpack 238903800
Swordpack 19398258
Ghostfire Sword 64220933
ROBLOX Classic Brigand’s Sword 10468915
Stealthy Ninja Swordpack 1180432276
Amerisword 108158439
Chi Biograft Energy Sword Spec 139578571
Lands 183826384
Immortal Sword Celtic Blade 689391156
Periastron Swordpack 1191150855
Spec Epsilon Biograft Energy Sword 23727705
8 - Bit SwordPack 121925647
Snowflake Shield and Sword 583157224
Waves 928794651
Mythic Earth 241512134
Cane Sword 25740034
Spartan Sword and Shield 96669943
Turkey Carving Swordpack 549059775
Fiery Justice 99797381
Spec Beta Biograft Energy Sword 14876573
Light 77443461
Darkness Sword 77443491
Otterhead Longsword 183797762
Skeleton King’s Sword 95951291
Spec Alpha Biograft Energy Sword 11999235
Darkest Arts Sword 147143863
Sword of Nefertiti 21802000
Sword of Ancalagon 62350883
Uppercut Sword 93136674
Keytar Sword 1789547756
America’s Swordpack 163491866
First Class Fencing Sword 88146486
Soulthief Swordpack 1016141577
Futuristic Swordpack 218674280
Black Hole Sword 1340206957
Knight’s Sword 10831509
Evil Knight Sword 1060280135
Dragonheart Sword & Shield 172298750
Diamond Blade Sword 173755801
Overseer Short Sword 156467990
Sun Slayer Sword 1829078563
Mystic Flames 241511828
8 Bit Sword and Shield 2103274863
Turkey’s Vengeance Sword 65969704
Pot O’ Gold Sword 1513260464
Beach Umbrella Sword 1903666770
Gearworks Sword 356213216
Candycane Swordpack 568894901
Bombastic Sword 629893424
Venom’s Bite Immortal Sword 638089422

Roblox item ID (Boombox)

Below we have 5 Roblox item ID for Boombox.

Beat Up Super Jank Boombox 319655993
Dubstep Boombox 84417281
Golden Super Fly Boombox 212641536
Dual Golden Super Fly Boomboxes 409746054
Boombox Gear 3.0 193769809

Roblox item ID (Hammers)

Super Hammer Roblox item IDs are waiting for you.

Ban Hammer 774864444
Star Hammer 45513203
Future Hammer 972189904
Builderman’s Hammer of Shimmering Light 53623248
Ban Hammer 1242677
All Seeing Golem’s Hammer 478707595
Telamon’s Foe Hammer 53623350
50 ban hammers for 50 Robux 867958517
Overseer Smashing Hammer 335085355
Stone Hammer 13207169
Gravitational Radiation Hammer v0.01 33866846
Foam Hammerhead 57134119
Sledge Hammer 45177979

Roblox item ID (Launchers)

3 very unique Roblox item ID for Launchers are listed below.

Exponential Rocket Launcher 90718505
Rocket Launcher 32356064
Super Rocket Launcher 190094159
Roblox item ID

Other Roblox item IDs

All other Roblox item IDs are put in the table below. You can search for them.

Golden Super Fly Boombox212641536
Garbage Can Shield and Wooden Sword Set75550928
Boombox Gear 3.0193769809
Shadow Dancer48159815
Korblox - Fallen's Spine Blade114020557
Sword Punch147143881
Elegant Blade15470359
Sword of Darkness77443491
Starblox Latte15932306
Blizzard Striker280662903
Skeleton BattleAxe1088051376
Sword of the Winter Winds42847923
Arctic Fox Tail188853857
Dual Wield Ninja Scythes754871615
Historic 'Timmy' Gun116693764
Spartan Sword and Shield96669943
Towering Inferno Sword83704169
Dragonheart Sword & Shield172298750
Otterhead Shortsword21439778
Knights of Redcliff: Morning Star49929746
Zombification Injection93536867
Polar Bear Attack Claws187688069
Board With a Nail in It10510024
Hot Potato25741198
Tempest Blades68478587
The Arabian Nights21439893
Frozen Flail186958653
Sword of Light77443461
Speed Coil99119158
Paint Bucket18474459
Ultimate Drive Speedster253519495
Azure Dragon's Magic Slayer268586231
Epic Golden Sword and Shield416846710
Giant Dinosaur Feet206136532
EKoSS Sword and Shield178076749
The Merry Avenger67319425
Fencing Foil10831489
Spec Omega Biograft Energy Sword98411325
Attrition Blade47871597
Festive Periastron Chi139577901
Knight's Elder Blade48395736
Orinthian Mace92627988
Red Rolling Hoverboard398675172
Rainbow Omega Katana341110180
Korblox Sword and Shield68539623
Dual Spec Gamma Biograft Energy Sword335086410
BB Gun42845609
Egg Fuse Bomb50454086
Star Hammer45513203
Korblox Mage Staff127506105
The Blade of the Federation880499904
Judge Underwood's Gavel44115185
Xanwood Katana489196923
Korblox: Berserker's Claymore51757162
Fairy Axe109583846
Bronze Kopesh18481407
Bo Staff47262951
Korblox Ice Claws223785065
Chiefjustus Gavel120749528
Pizza Sword602146440
Sword of the Highlander12187319
ROBLOX Classic Brigand's Sword10468915
Farmer's Revenge101106419
Rolling Pin11885154
Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light11377306
Attack Doge257810065
Tiger's Wrath Sword176087505
Camping Machete123234673
Military Axe81847570
Cavalry Sabre14719505
Fuse Bomb11563251
Monster Fierce Basher204095724
Double-Bladed Scythe517827255
Subspace Tripmine11999247
Ninja Claws160189871
Big Stick317593132
Uppercut Sword93136674
Tribal Spear38326803
Bluesteel Claw10758456
Riddling Skull Sword37821996
Smashing Drum139578061
Military Dress Sword88885481
Presidential Vampire Slaying Ax146047188
Danger Dagger96669682
Ice Blue Rolling Hoverboard2605965785
Checkerboard Sword46132907
Red Hyperlaser Gun212296936
Bo Staff 7000159199263
Golden Steampunk Gloves243790334
Implosion Bomb108875216
4th of July Fireworks 20182014853976
Bluster Buster83704190
Orc Blade10469910
Dual Monster Axes315617026
Overseer Mace903197575
Skeleton King's Sword95951291
Viridian Katana295461517
Knights of the Splintered Skies: Morning Star55917409
Penguin Power Pet172248941
Bombo's Survival Raig Table243788010
The Pharaohs Guard Sword317593302
Motherboard Sword1046323916
Interplanetary Light Sword1033136271
Teddy Trap12890798
Prehistoric Piercing Blade206136361
Adurite Katana286526176
Giant Blade96669697
Wizards of the Astral Isles: Limb Stretching Spell106701702
Spider Slasher302502491
Flaming Dragon Slayer Bo Staff73232786
Red Energy Sword68233678
Korblox: Spiked Arm Bracer51757126
Knights of the Seventh Sanctum: Sword and Shield60357959
Exploding Heart178076989
An Elegant Blade44561450
Sabertooth Attack Friend709400407
Teddy Bloxpin12848902
Black Hole Bomb28277486
Spartan Sword20721924
DarkAge Ninjas: Dual Kamas60888284
Galactic Laser Gun168143042
Ice Dragon Slayer168141301
Turkey's Vengeance Sword65969704
Sword of Unvanquished Snakes149612243
Deluxe Rainbow Magic Carpet477910063
Chief Guardsman Spear62350846
Sword Cane25740034
Bombo's Survival Knife121946387
Ice Axe46360870
Scepter of Pharoahs18482570
Spring Sword of Growth48159731
Body Swap Potion78730532
Skeleton Scythe95951330
Dragon's Blaze Sword105351545
Saw Sword54694324
Mad Murderer Knife170897263
8-Bit Sword361950297
Trusty Blade96669687
Diamond Blade Sword173755801
Twin Kodachi51346471
Bladed Tutu168141496
Redcliff Battleaxe903199054
Colonel's Cavalry Sabre49052716
Sword of the Summer Sun54694329
Danger Mace100469994
Epic Flail204095670
Poisoned Skeleton Scythe158069110
Orinthian Sword and Shield92628079
Midnight Sword160198658
Sword Fish54130543
Retribution Ray85879456
Mad Morning Star170902990
Pirate Cutlass10910681
Sword of the Epicredness409745306
Double Bladed Hand Axe12775410
Fiery Bone Trap63253706
Sand Tempest Scimitar12187431
Ocean Samurai23306097
Korblox: Tripmine51757158
Sword of the Epicblueness365674685
Ronin Katana12187348
Battle Axe27171403
Champion Egg Beater Sword383609201
Bundle of TNT12902404
All Hallow's Sword181356054
Crescendo, The Soul Stealer94794774
Noir Periastron Psi120307951
Otterhead Longsword183797762
Crimson Periastron Mu99119240
The Sword of Shai174752186
Spec Zeta Biograft Energy Sword66416579
DarkAge Bo Staff160189629
Springtime Cutlass Of Infinite Virtue24440014
Giant Ape Arms126719120
Wooden Sword12145515
Bombastic Katana255800577
Shadow Sword103359953
Elven Blade of Glory22788134
Telamax XR71 Shoulder Cannon61963621
Black Iron Katana928914739
Katana of Destiny46846024
Harbinger of Fimbulwinter15970544
Linked Sword125013769
The Necrosapien Staff64647651
Ninja Sai51346336
Dark Falchion108149201
Katana of the Golden Snake435116927
Golden Rolling Hoverboard928805891
Spec Chi Biograft Energy Sword139578571
DarkAge Naginata244081145
Beat Up Super Jank Boombox319655993
Pigs Boson Collider88143093
Ocherous Katana of the Setting Sun25545089
Sword of the Autumnal Winds40493542
Gold Eagle Sword264990158
Rainbow Katana158069071
Bamboo Katana21754543
Scythe of Singularity50938765
RoVacuum 201284418938
Golden Katana of the Unflinching Dawn18776718
Gravity Coil16688968
Time Bomb80576952
Grapple Hook30393548
DarkAge Ninjas: Combat Potion60888308
Winged Magical Staff746686384
Axe of Blinding Justice183665514
Snowflake Shield and Sword583157224
Bat Knight Bat Sword17680660
The Break Up72069827
Illuminating Spear of Revengeance69947379
Bombastic Sword629893424
Pirate Lieutenant's Cutlass48159648
Sword of Swords139578136
Police Baton11956382
Golden Sword of Spring Growth226205948
Black and White Sword191261930
Spider Morning Star302280931
Knights of the Splintered Skies: Sword156467926
Builderman's Hammer of Shimmering Light53623248
Baseball Bat55301897
Dual Illumina101191388
Pirate Hook14131602
Deadly Thorn Potion59175777
Zombie Staff26421972
Evil Knight Sword1060280135
Knights of Redcliff: Deluxe Sword and Shield Set127506364
Seashell Snare54130537
Iris Katana of Goldengrove Unleaving22787168
Super Slash Cat Claws295460702
Sword of Glowing Hope431038614
Deluxe Pirate Hook754869699
Bluesteel Katana243791145
Crimson Katana of the Unsetting Sun18017365
Skeleton Slashers306971659
Beast Claws105289761
Sword of Nefertiti21802000
Stone Hammer13207169
Bat Scythe306971294
Spikey Stick of Civilized Negotiation18409191
Riot Shield and Billy Club Set82357079
Mardi Gras Sword147937443
Flaming Halberd168140813
Arabian Knight Scimitar71037076
Grim Axe107458531
Knight's Sword10831509
Rainbow Magic Carpet225921000
Bluesteel Alterer of Destiny97161222
Crimson Double Threat22787189
Overseer Warlord's Sword483308034
Christmas Tree Sword189756588
Dual Darkhearts108149175
Knights of Redcliff: Battle Axe49929724
Wooden Club13206984
Luger Pistol95354288
Dual Bacon Daggers168142394
Laser Electrocutor Blade50938773
The Luck O' the Irish74904413
DarkAge Nunchuks160189476
Metal Fists183355969
Double Sword Punch243791329
Golden Katana of Destiny108875151
Paint Grenade172246820
Fang Of Anansi116693735
Sledge Hammer45177979
Amethyst Periastron Kappa93136802
Overseer Sword & Shield223439643
Rainbow Periastron Omega159229806
Azure Periastron Alpha69499437
Trench Warfare Shotgun94233344
Joyful Periastron Epsilon233520257
Sorcus' Sword of Judgement53623322

Article about All Roblox item IDs is finished now. I hope you can find the best Roblox item IDs for you in this article.

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