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Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List (2024)

If you are wondering Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List you are in the correct place. As additional characters are released in the upcoming months, we think the Anime Adventures tier roster is something that is always changing. We now have a new tier list of the very finest units that are currently in use. Here is the most recent animal list for July 2022, as it has been updated. Lets see all Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List together!

Roblox Anime Adventures

Fans have made tier lists and rankings for all the characters in Anime Adventures, one of the most played Roblox games at the moment.

The Roblox website offers access to the game. What it’s all about is that you get to lead a squad of well-known anime characters against hordes of foes.

You will undoubtedly recognize many of the characters from a variety of hugely popular shows. It is also a lot of fun. Below you can find Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List.

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Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List

S Tier:

  • Dio
  • Rangoku
  • All Might
  • Itach
  • Torch
  • Marada

A Tier:

  • Diabolo
  • Goku Blue
  • Aaron
  • Jotaro
  • Goku Rose
  • Goku
  • Bleach

B Tier:

  • Broly
  • Sasuke
  • Karyoin
  • Payne
  • Sanji

C Tier:

  • Luffy
  • Johna
  • Luffo
  • Krillo
  • Piccola

D Tier:

  • Joe
  • Zoru
  • Sakura
  • Jio

Blam Spot generously shared his MK11 Tier List 2022 with all characters with us on his YouTube channel. He is a trustworthy source for tier lists for the well-known Roblox games Dungeon Quest, Ultimate Tower Defense, and All-Star Tower Defense.

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Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List 2022

A list of animals he made is among the greatest you can discover since he beat the record for fastest completion of Anime Adventures. Without further ado, the Anime Adventures Tier List is as follows:

SAlle Mächte
A TierBlauer Goku
AGoku Rose
B TierKakashi
C TierJohna
D TierIchi

How To Unlock The Units And Characters In Roblox Animated Adventures

In Roblox Anime Adventures, you may unlock units and characters by visiting the summon area and buying spins.

Naturally, you’ll want to unlock jewels as well. By inputting codes and doing daily tasks as well as plot events and missions, you may unlock gems for free.

Additionally, the endless mode is playable. For further details, check visit the game’s Discord channel.

Information About the Roblox Anime Adventures

A catastrophic catastrophe has brought all the heroes together, but it has also unleashed innumerable enemies across many planets, and they need your assistance! Can you gather the most powerful heroes to help you preserve these worlds?

  • Control a group of anime characters as you repel waves of foes!
  • Gather strong, distinctive heroes to aid you in combat!
  • Upgrade your squad members and make them stand out!

Here is the end of Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List article. I hope you like the article.

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