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How to Verify Age on Roblox Without id 2024

In age verification processes required for Roblox voice chat, players ask the question “how to verify age on roblox without id”. Because there are many alternatives for Roblox age verification. Among these alternative ways, you can verify your age using the method that suits you.

You must also do age verification, as it is not possible to voice chat without age verification. If you are under the age of 13, age verification will not work. Because it will not be approved and your voice chat feature will not be opened. So, let’s see how to make age verification without identity.

How to Verify Age on Roblox Without id?

You also have different alternatives for the question of how to verify age without identity. Generally, people who do not prefer ID can verify with a driver’s license. If you want to verify your Roblox age using your driver’s license, you can follow the steps below. Required for How to Verify Age on Roblox Without id.

  • First you need to sign in to your Roblox account.
  • You have to go into account settings.
  • You should click on the Account information tab.
  • You should click on the Verify my age button under your date of birth information.
How to Verify Age on Roblox Without id 2024
  • If you are logging in from a computer, it will show you a QR code. You must scan this QR code with your mobile phone.
  • It will then direct you to a link. At this time, the process of approving your account will begin.
  • You must approve the camera accesses that will be requested from you. The camera will then turn on and you will be prompted to scan your driver’s license.
  • Next, you will be asked to take a selfie. You are asked to confirm whether you are the same person as the person on the driver’s license.

With these steps, you won’t have to ask any more “How to verify age on Roblox without id” questions. And now you will be able to actively use the voice chat feature in the game. An excellent feature for voice communication with your friends will be waiting for you.

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